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Speaking Engagements

I regularly give keynote speeches and company and industry conferences, which I much enjoy. I adapt the content of the speech to the specific interests and circumstances of the company and the audience. Still, it always pertains in some way to issues of strategic management. In terms of speaking style: It is important to me that people have fun listening to me! 


Keynote Speeches Delivered

  • AB Inbev (US)

  • Angelini Group (Italy)

  • Bank of Ireland (Ireland)

  • Barclays (UK)

  • Big Bus Company (UK)

  • Blackline (UK)

  • Bosch (Turkey)

  • Cambridge University Press (UK)

  • Confinn (Finland; Latvia)

  • Cordys (Netherlands)

  • Credit Suisse (Switzerland)

  • Daily Mail Global Trust (UK)

  • Danish Center for Leadership (Denmark)

  • EFG (UK)

  • Ernst & Young (France, Italy)

  • Fish & Richardson (US)

  • Galderma (Sweden)

  • GE (Germany; Switzerland)

  • Generali (Italy)

  • Gjensidige (Norway)

  • Goldman Sachs (UK)

  • Innotown (Norway)

  • Irish Management Institute (Ireland)
  • l’Oreal (France)

  • Linklaters (UK)

  • Lufthansa (Germany)

  • Lundbeck (Denmark)

  • Man Group (UK)

  • Pictet (UK)

  • Prologis (the Netherlands)

  • PwC (Advisory, Tax, Audit, UK; Spain)

  • Prologis (the Netherlands)

  • SIDF (Saudi Arabia)

  • Sonae (Portugal)

  • Soysal (Turkey)

  • SPAR International (the Netherlands)

  • Stellantis (Germany)

  • Swissotel (Turkey)

  • UFI CEO Forum (Turkey)

  • Vorwerk (Germany)

  • Wiener Strategy Forum (Austria)

  • World Gold Council (UK)

  • YPO (US)

   -  Among many others.

Some Titles of Prior Keynote Speeches

  • Strategy, Uncertainty, and Silly Mistakes

  • Change for the Future: Balancing Current Success with Strategic Adaptation

  • Creating Organisational Energy

  • Mindsets and Strategic Transformation

  • Strategy Execution: Turning Strategy Into Action

  • So, You Think You Have a Strategy?

  • Shifting to Growth

  • The Art of Leadership

  • Generate Ideas; Foster Innovation

  • Understanding Barriers to Change and Innovation

  • Strategic HR’s Next Frontier

  • Strategic Thinking: Key Questions You Should Ask

  • Disruptive Innovation

  • Business Strategy: Barriers to Growth and Execution

  • Trends in Business Strategy

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