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Business Exposed

Quotes from book reviews

A groundbreaking new book that challenges common perceptions. Educators’ Digest

A rigorous challenge to many business assumptions from the hollowness of strategic planning to the value of indecisiveness. Financial Times

“Business Exposed” takes the reader on a whirlwind tour, exposing the surprising and sometimes appalling realities of how business decisions are actually made. Top MBA

Punchy and readable. The Economist

[Freek] is not hesitant to reveal the truths he has discovered no matter how much, or whom, it hurts. Business Strategy Review

The book is a must-read as it is a wake-up call of sorts for those who have to deal with diverse areas of management. Educators’ Digest

Interesting and, for a management book, surprisingly readable opinions on corporate strategy. The Economist

Ornery and entertaining. Financial Times

Believe it or not, there is an Associate Professor of Business Strategy by the name of ‘Freek’. He’s quite a good one, too. People Matters

Business Exposed is not a sensationalist tirade against the tenets of management theory, but a carefully researched and well-argued book which re-examines a number of core management ideas and practices, and demonstrates how new research presents a different picture –often radically so. Meuse-Rhine Journal

This will be uncomfortable reading for many senior bosses. Director Magazine

“Business Exposed” challenges conventional thinking and seeks to bust some myths. People Matters

The views presented in the book are likely to be a major talking point in boardrooms and among senior management teams.  Meuse-Rhine Journal

Everything you ever wanted to know about business – and no one would tell you.

This pithy and provocative new book probes what really goes on inside business. It examines the people that run companies – CEOs, managers, directors – and dissects the temptations, the influences and the often ill-advised liaisons and strategies of corporate life. It strips bare a side of business seldom talked about, rarely admitted to, but one you will readily recognise.

Cutting, witty and a fast-paced read, this book is nevertheless based on rigorous research and verifiable facts. It brings together a host of surprising findings that cut through conventional perceptions of how business works to show what really goes on, and how that affects business performance. Freek Vermeulen isn’t afraid to take aim – and fire – at the fundamental nature of business today, so you are guaranteed a no-holds barred analysis which will build your understanding of business from the ground up.

If you’re in business yourself, polish up your business savvy with this fascinating expose. If you’re a curious observer, be entertained and appalled in equal measure by the hidden facts and realities revealed in Inside Business. Whoever you are, revel in the quirks, scandals, counter-intuitive facts and downright silliness that make up business today.

Given that trust in business is at an all-time low, wouldn’t you like to know what the corporate titans – and the would-be pretenders – are really up to?

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