Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
London Business School


Keynote Speeches (sample)

Freek speaking at an event in Paris




  • Five Reasons Why Management Myths Persist – Innotown
  • Strategy & Leadership – Credit Suisse
  • Shaping Your Future – PwC HR Forum
  • Making Strategy in Times of Uncertainty – OTP Bank
  • Making a Big Shift (and why that is easier said than done) – Cordys
  • Disrupt to Create – iGATE
  • Trends in Business Strategy – Ernst and Young
  • How Bad Practice Prevails – Danish Centre for Leadership
  • How to Spot a Management Myth – Goldman Sachs
  • Strategy under Uncertainty – Swissotel
  • Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation – DMGT
  • Communicating Strategy – Lundbeck
  • “Lean and Mean” instead of “Lean and Lame” – Aedes
  • The Challenge of Change – PwC
  • Entrepreneurialism – Q-Med
  • Unconventional Strategy – Benchmark for Business
  • Strategy under Uncertainty – UFI Global CEO Forum  
  • Strategic Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship – Lufthansa
  • Business Exposed – Textile Services Association
  • New Solutions for Strategic Problems – PerCapita (CEO Forum)
  • What Really Goes on in the World of Business? – PwC
  • Why Good Business Can Go Bad – Swedbank
  • The Challenge of Change – Penna
  • Surviving Profitable Growth – Galderma
  • Strategic Management of Services – European Textile Services Association
  • Making Strategy Happen – ReedElsevier
  • Entrepreneurialism – The Man Group
  • The Success Trap – Nordea
  • Change for Change’s Sake – Implement


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  • Just signed the contract with HBR Press for my new book, provisionally titled Breaking Bad Habits (but I'm sure they'll want to change that) 4 days ago