Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
London Business School


Academic Publications

Ody, A. & Vermeulen, F. 2014. The price you pay: Price-setting as a response to norm violations in the market for Champagne grapes. Administrative Science Quarterly

Hsieh, K. & Vermeulen, F. 2014. The structure of competition: How competition between one’s rivals influences imitative market entry. Organization Science (forthcoming)

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Managerial Publications

Vermeulen, F. 2014. The two questions every manager must ask. Harvard Business Review, blog network.

Vermeulen, F. 2013. You can win without differentiation. Harvard Business Review, blog network.

Vermeulen, F. 2013. Beware the sirens of management pseudo-science. Harvard Business Review, blog network.

Vermeulen, F. 2013. How to let 999 flowers die. Strategy+Business, Autumn.

Vermeulen, F. 2013. How would you define ‘a great company’? Strategy+Business, S+B blogs

Vermeulen, F. Monthly column in Management Team (in Dutch): May 2013, June 2013, July 2013, August 2013, September 2013, October 2013, November 2013, December 2013, January 2014, February 2014, March 2014, April 2014, May 2014, October 2014

Vermeulen, F.,  Zaman, A. 2013. Big acquisitions can fall apart over tiny details. Harvard Business Review, blog network.

Vermeulen, F. 2013. Corporate strategy is a fool’s errand. Harvard Business Review, blog network.

Vermeulen, F. 2012. Strategy is the story. Business Strategy Review. July.

Vermeulen, F. 2012. Which best practice is ruining your business? Harvard Business Review, blog network.

Vermeulen, F. 2012. So, you think you have a strategy? European Business Review. January.

Vermeulen, F. 2011. Cutting business myths down to size. Business Strategy Review. Issue 1.

Vermeulen, F. 2010. The case for work/life programs. Harvard Business Review In Point. May.

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Vermeulen, F. 2007. Bad deals: Eight warning signs that an acquisition may not pay off. Wall Street Journal.

Vermeulen, F. 2005. How acquisitions can revitalize companies. Sloan Management Review, 48: 45-51.

Vermeulen, F. 2001. Controlling international expansion. Business Strategy Review

Case Studies

Sadler’s Wells: Exploitation versus innovation. ECCH Case No. 309-126-1

Hornby Plc.: Building communities. ECCH Case No. 307-147-1

Bisque Ltd.: Growing a firm. ECCH Case Nos. 307-163-8, 307-164-1, 307-165-1, 307166-1

Union Carbide in Bhopal, 1984. ECCH Case No. 307-174-1

Heineken: International growth and acquisitions. ECCH Case No. 307-168-1

Royal Ahold: International growth and acquisitions. ECCH Case No. 307-169-1

Tong RenTang: Opportunities for growth in traditional Chinese medicine. ECCH Case No. 307-173-1

PhD Theses

Vermeulen, F. 2010. Imitation. PhD thesis, Utrecht University, Organisation Science.

Vermeulen, F. 1999. Shifting ground: Studies on the intersection of organizational expansion, internationalization, and learning. PhD thesis, Tilburg University, Business Administration.

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